From new puppies to recent rescues, all dogs need to learn the basics. Full Circle can help you and your companion live together cooperatively, at all stages of life. A dog who can greet properly (no jumping!), walk nicely on leash, come when called, wait at doorways and knows the proper place to potty is a dog welcome in any home. Give your dog the freedom that training brings!

Private, in-home lessons are available individually or in multi-session packages, for puppies and adult dogs of any age. Email to schedule an appointment.

Shy, fearful and phobic dogs are of special interest with us, and Full Circle can help you to help your dog develop the skills needed to face the challenges of everyday life and gain the confidence she needs to live happily and safely with your family. We use non-confrontational, science-based, gentle methods and have extensive experience rehabilitating dogs fearful of men, strangers, dogs, objects, the outdoors, cars and anything else that frightens them. We can help your dog cope with a scary world.

Going away and can't take your dog with you? Too busy to train or need a jump-start to help you begin? Why not board your dog where he can get training at the same time? Having your dog stay with a trainer will reinforce his household manners and obedience (or he can take some lessons while he is here), and is much more fun than being in a kennel. Walks, playtime, training and socialization -- as well as appropriate downtime -- are standard. Every dog's stay is tailored to his and your needs, and picking up and dropping off are no extra charge for local clients. Pre-boarding consults and trial overnight stays are required for all dogs who aren't already in training with us, so plan far in advance.

We recognize that shy dogs can be particularly difficult to board. Most kennels are too stressful, and not every pet sitters understands the special needs of the timid or fearful dog or how to care for them while not risking their progress. Shy dogs are welcome for boarding here, and every care will be taken to ensure they get the environment they need to be comfortable while you are away.


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Amy Cook, PhD, CC, CPDT