Whether boarding only, or boarding for training purposes, all dogs who stay here live in our home with us, participating in our daily life as members of the family. Medications and raw diets are no problem, and special needs can be accomodated. Dogs here for training receive two training sessions per day and all dogs have their manners reinforced and their energy spent!

Dogs are boarded in a home environment, not outdoors or in a kennel, and are fully integrated into daily life. They have a huge yard to run and play in, tons of soft beds available (including furniture, if allowed at home) and toys, dogs and people to play with.

Outings, field trips and fun activities are a part of every day your dog is boarded here with us. Leash walks, dog parks, beaches, dog-friendly stores and cafes, playdates with other dogs, long sessions of fetch and anything else your dog likes to do are all available, as well as lazy naps in the sun and couch cuddling. Training takes place both here in the home and out around town to accustom your dog to working in varied environments.

Dogs of all ages welcome, from the young puppies to the elder statesmen. Well-socialized adult bitch on-site to help puppies learn proper behavior around adult dogs and to keep the exuberant adolescent males in line.

Email for our rates. Space is limited so please arrange well in advance. Short and long term stays available.

Full Circle Dog Training, Oakland, Ca :: email
Amy Cook, PhD, CC, CPDT